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Determine whether your tenants, residents, employees and guests are getting the reliable connectivity they need with a cell phone signal strength test.
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Our Testing Expertise

  • At Illuminati Labs, we build perfect-fit cellular DAS and ERRCS systems that are tailored to your building’s individual needs and the unique expectations of your customers, tenants,  residents and staff.
  • Whether you are developing a new building, or managing an existing asset, finding out if you are providing proper cellular and emergency responder coverage with an RF signal strength test is a vital process. Our unique and thorough approach allows you to see a full heat-mapping of the property, to understand which areas have deficient signal for each carrier.

Our Cellular Testing Solutions

  • Illuminati Labs uses state-of-the-art technology, including the industry-leading PCTEL SeeHawk system, to perform detailed site surveys (cell signal testing and emergency responder radio coverage testing) of our clients’ properties, to create a unique and clear view of the RF environment.

    Once we have data on the cellular signal inside the building, we will benchmark and analyze the heatmap to provide a full assessment. We will work closely with your team to provide a path forward that cost-effectively solves the issues.

  • With a variety of RF signals necessary for your property to function, you will want to address any signal deficiencies at your property as soon as possible, before you experience any serious tenant loss or building code violations. Our approach allows building owners to visually see earlier in the process if their building will have a need for cellular DAS or for ERRCS. Simply put, we find out the vital information you need before it’s an 11th hour emergency, potentially saving you time and money.

  • If the cell signal strength test says your building needs cellular signal enhancement, we can help you take the next steps.

If the cell signal strength test says your building needs cellular or public safety signal enhancement, we can help you take the next steps.

Expert Design Consultation

  • With the extensive information gathered from our site survey signal testing and analysis, the Illuminati Labs team will provide you with a fully customized solution — complete with high-level design, ROM, and laser accurate budget assessments to give you a path forward. Our comprehensive approach helps you scale and understand the total scope of your cellular DAS system needs.
    Our priority is to measure your property’s cell signal strength and give you cellular enhancement system recommendations tailored to your building’s exact needs and the needs of your customers, tenants, staff, residents.

Multi-Industry Expertise

  • With our vast experience across industries like healthcare, industrial, hospitality, multifamily, and general commercial spaces, Illuminati Labs has the cross-disciplinary knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee your cellular testing and BDA testing is conducted properly and consistently. You’ll have a partner you can count on that understands how to fully test your building and ultimately determine if a DAS system is needed for either cellular service or for public safety radio coverage.


  • The Illuminati Labs engineer will divide each floor into 20 grid sections and measure coverage levels at each grid. Stairwells and areas of egress will be counted as “critical areas”. Through the testing process, our team will make determinations whether the building can pass code without a system in place. 

    If a system is required, the ERRCS Testing process will allow our team to make recommendations to cover only the areas that are failing, to build the most cost-effective solutions. 

    We can test your building whether it is fully complete, finished framing, or even just a hole in the ground.


Cell DAS

Distributed antenna systems, also known as DAS, are a very broad classification of technology that includes any system where antennas and cabling are used to disperse RF signal throughout a building (or buildings). These systems are used to enhance cell phone signal throughout the property — from the rooftop to amenities areas and even car charging stations in deep underground garages.


An Emergency Responder Radio Communication System, also known as ERRCS, is the classification of technology that enables first responders to have a dedicated system on which they can communicate with their two-way radios (walkie talkies) during an emergency. These systems are mandated in response to the massive number of in-building emergencies that require coordination and communication from the first responders on the scene.

Converged Systems

A converged wireless solution is a method of using the cabling and antennas from your Code-required public safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System), as the backbone for integrating your cellular DAS system as well.

ERRCS Testing and BDA Testing

  • Local jurisdictions throughout the US require first responder radio signal within buildings. Illuminati Labs is a leader in both the deployment of first responder DAS (ERRCS) and the testing process. Prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy, new buildings must show that they have adequate coverage for the emergency personnel inside the building. 

    Utilizing the PCTel Seehawk, our dedicated team of engineers will measure buildings prior to completion to predictively model coverage levels. This allows building construction and development teams to understand ahead of time if an ERRCS / BDA will be required for the building.

RF Testing FAQs (Cellular Signal Testing and ERRCS BDA Testing)


At Illuminati Labs, our team is a collective of innovators and problem solvers dedicated to transforming how connectivity is experienced within commercial spaces. Our philosophy is to question everything and defy the norms to make cell signal work for people in every commercial building. Harnessing a blend of technical expertise and creative thinking, we tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that every project is a step towards a more connected future.

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