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  • At Illuminati Labs, we distinguish ourselves in DAS Design through deep RF experience, and a proven track record of successful projects. Our team consists of industry veterans who have completed sophisticated installs in some of the most challenging commercial environments. We have an established history of projects across every industry and vertical, with a perfect track record of compliance and safety standards. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced in our innovative designs, and in the meticulous implementation, and ongoing support. We believe in earning the right to become your trusted partner for DAS. 


Cell DAS

Distributed antenna systems, also known as DAS, are a very broad classification of technology that includes any system where antennas and cabling are used to disperse RF signal throughout a building (or buildings). These systems are used to enhance cell phone signal throughout the property — from the rooftop to amenities areas and even car charging stations in deep underground garages.


An Emergency Responder Radio Communication System, also known as ERRCS, is the classification of technology that enables first responders to have a dedicated system on which they can communicate with their two-way radios (walkie talkies) during an emergency. These systems are mandated in response to the massive number of in-building emergencies that require coordination and communication from the first responders on the scene.

Converged Systems

A converged wireless solution is a method of using the cabling and antennas from your Code-required public safety DAS (Distributed Antenna System), as the backbone for integrating your cellular DAS system as well.

Consulting On New Development

Illuminati Labs works with construction and development teams during ground-up construction projects to help determine if Cell DAS and ERRC will be a potential need at the projects.

Our approach allows us to assess the site for a system well in advance, while finding more cost-effective ways to deploy Cellular DAS + ERRC when the systems are needed. In many instances, we may even work with the Fire Marshall and AHJ to better understand what they might be enforcing for ERRC in that area.

Working with teams during the new construction phase of the project will allow us to simplify the design and installation of the systems, find massive cost efficiencies, and ensure that we future proof the buildings well in advance of opening.

Existing Portfolio Consulting

Many of our projects are existing buildings that recognized issues with cellular coverage/cellular signal during building operations. Typically, asset teams and building owners are dealing with complaints from people in the building and are unsure if the problem can even be solved at this stage.

We have worked extensively to integrate solutions into existing properties which has given us a unique perspective on how to install the system, and how to determine when a system is worth the cost of install.

Our approach is centered around surveying the building and working with key stakeholders to determine the minimum service level needed in the building. This allows us to design a prescriptive and cost-effective solution that solves all resident/tenant/guest/employee complaints and ensures proper connectivity throughout.

iBwave and Design Capabilities

Illuminati Labs has full design capabilities for any Cell DAS or ERRC deployments. We have designed systems for office space, multifamily, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and many more building types. Our unique approach allows us to build systems that are efficiently designed and future-ready.

Our team is certified on the gold standard of RF design tools- iBwave. For projects that are currently in planning or under construction, we can create a design that will integrate into your drawings within just a couple weeks. These designs allow you to ready your building for both the space and budgetary needs of Cellular DAS + ERRC.


At Illuminati Labs, our team is a collective of innovators and problem solvers dedicated to transforming how connectivity is experienced within commercial spaces. Our philosophy is to question everything and defy the norms to make cell signal work for people in every commercial building. Harnessing a blend of technical expertise and creative thinking, we tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that every project is a step towards a more connected future.

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