DAS Solutions For Multifamily Housing

Provide residents and emergency responders with reliable communication at your multifamily property with Cell DAS or ERRCS Solutions from Illuminati Labs.

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Reliable cell phone service was ranked the #1 most requested amenity by residents in the NMHC’s annual preference survey and the majority of multifamily buildings fail to provide cellular connectivity for their tenants.

With the fierce competition for renters in today’s market, multifamily management and development teams are focused on delivering technologies to residents that make living and working in the same space easier and more seamless – those technologies all rely on strong cellular signal. Our cellular enhancement systems ensure that apps for smart home controls, package delivery, room reservations, and even pet perks and car charging stations can function at peak performance.

Illuminati Labs’ cell signal solutions have helped scores of multifamily properties across the US achieve complete resident, staff and public safety connectivity throughout hallways and shared spaces, common area and amenity spaces, individual units and even underground garages.

Multifamily buildings that leverage Illuminati Labs’ cellular enhancement solutions attract more residents, retain more leases, and deliver a higher level of safety and security throughout the property by meeting first responder safety requirements.

Because cellular connectivity – for both data and voice – is the new bar for renter attractiveness.

CASE STUDY: The Urby | Jersey City, NJ

Ironstate’s Urby development is a 70-story multifamily high rise that offers premium views of the water in a hugely popular area. When cell coverage issues were seen throughout the entirety of the building, Ironstate began evaluating options to solve the cell signal problem. Illuminati Labs stood out by offering guaranteed performance at the lowest total cost.

A trial system was originally contracted to evaluate the project, and soon after, Illuminati Labs was asked to deploy a permanent solution for the full building. The solution was featured in The New York Times or project excellence and solution implementation.

Read our field report: Topsy Turvy on Top of the Urby

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We pride ourselves on providing turnkey services: from engineering design and installation to testing and expert consulting, we ensure our clients have a seamless solution, tailored to their unique needs.

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System design

Our Engineers will evaluate your building and design you a custom solution to maximize coverage and minimize cost.

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Our super-team deploys, commissions, and manages your project start to finish, ensuring an efficient, quality process.

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We heat-map the property to determine which areas have deficient signal and then provide you with the results and a path to fix the issues.

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Our experts help you determine the solution that’s best for your building, providing both design concepts and budgetary guides.

Benefits of Enhanced Connectivity

  • Installing or upgrading a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in a building offers significant benefits. The system enhances cellular reception across all areas of the building, eliminating dead zones and ensuring consistent, reliable signal strength. This improvement in connectivity is crucial for resident satisfaction, daily operations and emergency situations, allowing for seamless communication at all times. Additionally, an in-building DAS supports a higher volume of simultaneous users, ensuring that densely populated buildings have complete connectivity. Moreover, upgrading to a modern DAS can future-proof buildings and increase property value by ensuring that 4G LTE and 5G are supported now and into the future. 



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