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Provide employees and emergency responders with reliable communication for your facility with Cell DAS or ERRCS Solutions from Illuminati Labs.

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In many cases, industrial buildings will have employees and machines that need to connect to cellular networks in order to operate at maximum efficiency. But industrial buildings have unique and sometimes complicated needs for cell coverage due to their construction, location and the facility’s function.

Illuminati Labs has served industrial customers by helping to understand what systems need connection, where coverage is deficient and deploying solutions to meet the exact needs of the property.

Industrial buildings that leverage the Illuminati Labs solutions have no interruptions to work flows, and can ensure that their technology investments are being used to full capacity. We have custom solutions for the challenging industrial environments, and can bring coverage to industrial buildings no matter how remote the building, or complex the environment.

CASE STUDY: Danone Foods | Louisville, CO

The Danone building is a large scale industrial facility with critical food processing functions. The building is filled with massive infrastructure including sterile and refrigerated rooms which cut cellular signal to zero.

Illuminati Labs designed and built a solution to replace an existing (non-functioning) system. The solution was rolled out in a week with no impact to the vital functionality of the building and no contamination of sanitary conditions.

Read our field report: Danone, World’s Largest B-Corp, Gets Cell Enhancement

Our Process

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We pride ourselves on providing turnkey services: from engineering design and installation to testing and expert consulting, we ensure our clients have a seamless solution, tailored to their unique needs.

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System design

Our Engineers will evaluate your building and design you a custom solution to maximize coverage and minimize cost.

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Our super-team deploys, commissions, and manages your project start to finish, ensuring an efficient, quality process.

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We heat-map the property to determine which areas have deficient signal and then provide you with the results and a path to fix the issues.

Our Services


Our experts help you determine the solution that’s best for your building, providing both design concepts and budgetary guides.

Benefits of Enhanced Connectivity

  • Installing or upgrading a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in a building offers significant benefits. The system enhances cellular reception across all areas of the building, eliminating dead zones and ensuring consistent, reliable signal strength. This improvement in connectivity is crucial for employee satisfaction, daily operations and emergency situations, allowing for seamless communication at all times. Additionally, an in-building DAS supports a higher volume of simultaneous users, ensuring that densely populated buildings have complete connectivity. Moreover, upgrading to a modern DAS can future-proof buildings and increase property value by ensuring that 4G LTE and 5G are supported now and into the future. 



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