(Emergency Responder Radio Communication System)

Provide emergency responders the reliable communication they require at your property with an ERRCS system from Illuminati Labs.

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Our errcs Expertise

Our Team has extensive experience in Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS), providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to enhance service within various industrial and commercial environments. Our expertise encompasses both design and installation of systems that improve signal coverage and capacity, especially crucial in areas with spotty or weak signals. By using advanced technology and strategic placement of antennas, Illuminati Labs ensures that emergency responders have the consistent and reliable cell service they need.

Why do you need an errcs?

The majority of first responder events will take place inside a building. As a response to tragedies were first responders where not able to maintain clear radio contact inside their building, a new code was created to ensure the safety of our emergency personnel, and building occupants.

Since then, cities and municipalities across the country have mandated the need for ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems), to provide better safety and security for both building occupants and first responders. In many cases, this has left property owners and developers playing catch up to provide the necessary code-required systems.

If you’ve already been told by your local fire Marshal or AHJ that the building will require an ERRCS DAS system, or you are trying to determine whether you might need one in the future once construction is completed, Illuminati Labs can help.


We pride ourselves on providing turnkey services: from engineered designs and installation to testing and expert consulting, we ensure our clients have a seamless solution, tailored to their unique needs.

Our Services

System design

Our Engineers will evaluate your building and design you a custom solution to maximize coverage and minimize cost.

Our Services


Our super-team deploys, commissions, and manages your project start to finish, ensuring an efficient, quality process.

Our Services


We heat-map the property to determine which areas have deficient signal and then provide you with the results and a path to fix the issues.

Our Services


Our experts help you determine the solution that’s best for your building, providing both design concepts and budgetary guides.




State and local governments are increasingly requiring commercial buildings to install a public safety DAS  to strengthen the first responders’ dedicated radio network. In fact, in most cases, an ERRCS installation is mandatory for building owners to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

This leaves property owners faced with the expense of adding a mandatory ERRCS to meet Code, and a cellular enhancement system to keep occupants living and working happily. Finding a cost-effective solution to deploying both systems is a top priority.

Along the way, we’ve learned that every property presents a unique set of challenges which must be trusted to a highly specialized team of experts
Our vast experience and cross-disciplinary knowledge allow us to tailor the perfect-fit ERRCS and cellular solutions for your building’s 4G LTE, 5G and public safety needs. 

Our ERRCS Solutions

We Begin with Extensive Site Survey and Analysis

The first step in creating a perfect-fit ERRCS solution is determining whether or not you need one. Will your local jurisdiction require a system in a building the size and type of yours? If a system is going to be required in that building, then you must TEST the building to see if it passes/fails for Public Safety channels. If it passes without a system, nothing needs to be done. If it fails, then a system needs to be installed.

Illuminati Labs uses state-of-the-art technology, including the industry-leading PCTEL SeeHawk system, to perform detailed site surveys of our clients’ properties. Once we have data on the current environment, we will provide analysis and benchmarks to show where the building is currently expected to meet code, and where it will fail testing. Our approach allows us to intelligently build a public safety DAS system that meets the exact needs of your property.

Expert Design Consultation

Using the building plans along with our on-site predictive modeling, the Illuminati Labs team will provide you with a fully customized solution, complete with high-level design, ROM, and laser accurate budgetary guides to ensure your team is prepared. Our priority is to provide perfect-fit systems for each unique property we work with, based on your building’s exact needs and the requirements of the local jurisdictions and emergency responders. We guarantee our ERRCS system will pass inspection and you will receive your certificate of occupancy.

Multi-Industry Expertise

With our vast experience across industries like healthcare, industrial, hospitality, multifamily, and general commercial spaces, Illuminati Labs has the cross-disciplinary knowledge and expertise necessary to guarantee your Emergency Responder Radio Communication System will pass code now and into the future. With Illuminati Labs, you’ll have a partner that understands how to fully connect and optimize ERRCS in compliance with all local and national codes.


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