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Your tenants, residents, staff and even first responders in your building depend on their cellular network to be strong and stable. 

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Our DAS Expertise

Our Team has extensive experience in Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to enhance wireless service within various commercial environments. Our expertise encompasses both design and installation of systems that improve cellular coverage and capacity, especially crucial in areas with spotty or weak signals. By using advanced technology and strategic placement of antennas, Illuminati Labs ensures that clients experience consistent and reliable cell service. This capability is vital for maintaining connectivity in large buildings, multi-level structures, and densely populated commercial spaces.


What Is cell das?

Distributed Antenna Systems, also known as DAS, are a very broad classification of technology that includes any system where antennas and cabling are used to disperse RF signal throughout a building (or buildings). These systems are used to enhance cell phone signal throughout the property — from the rooftop to amenities areas and even car charging stations in deep underground garages.


You’ve got a lot riding on your cell signal:  voice, data, text, IoT.   Your tenants, residents, staff and even the first responders in your building are depending on the cellular network you provide them to be strong and stable.  Illuminati Labs’  Distributed Antenna System allows them to go anywhere in the building without losing their signal. 

But did you know, those vital cell signals can be blocked from entering your building by the very materials the building is made from?   Brick, steel, concrete and especially the low-e glass of your windows, make it very difficult for cell signal, especially 5G signal,  to penetrate the building.


We pride ourselves on providing turnkey services: from engineered designs and installation to testing and expert consulting, we ensure our clients have a seamless solution, tailored to their unique needs.

Our Services

System design

Our Engineers will evaluate your building and design you a custom solution to maximize coverage and minimize cost.

Our Services


Our super-team deploys, commissions, and manages your project start to finish, ensuring an efficient, quality process.

Our Services


We heat-map the property to determine which areas have deficient signal and then provide you with the results and a path to fix the issues.

Our Services


Our experts help you determine the solution that’s best for your building, providing both design concepts and budgetary guides.




Fun Fact: reliable cell service is the #1 most requested amenity in multifamily buildings, with more than 90% of respondents saying they won’t rent without it. Every building’s residents, guests, and workers are clamoring for more reliable cell coverage to increase their quality of work and life. 

State and local governments are increasingly requiring commercial buildings to install a public safety ERRCS to strengthen the first responders’ dedicated radio network. In fact, in most cases, an ERRCS installation is mandatory for building owners to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

This leaves property owners faced with the expense of adding a mandatory ERRCS to meet Code, and a cellular enhancement system to keep occupants living and working happily. Finding a cost-effective solution to deploying both systems is a top priority.

Along the way, we’ve learned that every property presents a unique set of challenges which must be trusted to a highly specialized team of experts
Our vast experience and cross-disciplinary knowledge allow us to tailor the perfect-fit ERRCS and cellular solutions for your building’s 4G LTE, 5G and public safety needs. 

How Cellular Repeater Systems Work

Cellular repeater systems are subset of Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), sometimes called “Passive DAS”. Cellular Repeater systems capture the essential cell signal outside your building, then bring it inside and distribute it throughout the property, anywhere you choose.

From the rooftop to amenities areas and even car charging stations in deep underground garages, an Illuminati Labs cellular DAS system can provide your property with this crucial 4th utility.

Our dependable cellular enhancement solutions will also future-proof your property for 5G so that tenants, residents, and customers alike will continue to be able to communicate as the technology develops.

IoT Relies on Cellular Connectivity Too

The IoT (Internet of Things) in buildings has grown exponentially over the past decade.  More than ever, buildings are being planned and developed as “Smart Buildings” with an attention towards fully connected devices and utilities.  Examples of this are your thermostats, gate controls, alarms, security cameras, Alexa and GoogleHome devices, smart bulbs, staff walkie-talkies, remote patient monitoring in hospitals, and machine-to-machine communications in industrial settings.  All of these IoT devices rely on cellular connectivity. 

Because IoT requires such comprehensive and complete coverage, reliable cellular connectivity is critical for any property’s day-to-day functions.  Our unique approach to designing your cellular DAS system will ensure that your IoT devices get exactly the coverage needed.

Our Unique Approach to Designing Your Cellular DAS System

Comprehensive Site Surveys and Analysis

Illuminati Labs uses state-of-the-art technology, including the industry-leading PCTEL SeeHawk system, to perform detailed site surveys of our clients’ properties to ensure we understand the exact RF environment.

Once we have data on the current cellular weaknesses and strengths of your property, we will benchmark and analyze the heatmaps to determine the best path forward, keeping the process easy and streamlined for you.

Expert Design Consulting

With the in-depth information determined by our site survey analysis in hand, our team will then provide you with a custom-tailored solution, complete with ROM, goal and budget assessments, estimated time to deploy and high-level design consultation to ensure we meet your needs and property’s goals.

Our comprehensive approach helps you scale and understand the total scope of your cellular DAS system.

At Illuminati Labs, we prioritize complete and perfect-fit cellular DAS and ERRCS systems that are tailored to your building’s individual needs and the unique expectations of your customers, tenants, residents and staff.
From multifamily and office space, to hospitals and hospitality, Illuminati Labs makes cell signal and public safety systems work in every commercial building — keeping people connected, safe, and productive.

Private Networks

With a growing need for connectivity, private networks have become an attractive solution to providing large scale RF coverage. Our Distributed Antenna Systems allow us to deploy standalone private network coverage, or private networks that are built in parallel to the cellular signal solution in the property. Trust our team to determine the best approach, and find your perfect-fit solution.

Cellular DAS FAQs

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