We question everything and defy the norms to make cell signal work for people in every commercial building — keeping them connected, safe, having fun and getting shit done. 

How Illuminati Labs Got Its Start


We found our way into this line of work in an interesting way.  Adam and Chad both came from the high-end residential automation realm.  For decades, they each had companies that created advanced home automation, lighting, and audio/video systems for celebrities, world leaders and an assortment of the world’s most well-heeled clientele.   Eventually, our fearless leaders started their own company together, with the intention of bringing their automation services to the commercial world as well as residential.

But as fate would have it, in 2012, one of their well-heeled residential clients bought an apartment building as an investment property.  Upon closing, he was handed a class action lawsuit from the HOA of the property.  The apartment was gated and had an access control security system where visitors or delivery people needed to press an intercom button to call Mr. Jones, for example, in the building.  Mr. Jones could answer, determine whether this was a friend or foe and “buzz” the person in.

The problem was, almost none of the residents had a land line, so when a visitor pushed the intercom button, they were calling Mr. Jones’ cell number and there was no cell coverage inside the building.  This meant no one, no friend, mother, date, UPS or pizza delivery guy could get buzzed in.    Lack of cell service also meant no one inside the building could make an outgoing call in the event of an emergency — hence the lawsuit.

Being the go-to tech company for his home, the client called us saying, “You are my technology guys, figure this out.”  So, we went to work.  We tried multiple off-the-shelf systems which each failed right away. Then we tried a few of the more customized options with similar results.

Finally, we decided to create our own proprietary system, combining the best elements from the hardware we’d tested and then engineering the entire process into a precise, easy-to-tailor design.  From there, we started to install our systems in larger and larger projects across the nation, adapting it to each property’s unique needs.

Why the Name?  

We get asked this a lot.  In part, it’s because when Adam and Chad originally created a company to merge their expertise  and bring it to the commercial world, they were dealing primarily with LED lighting and automation.  Lighting … illumination … Illuminati.  Plus, they researched, developed and manufactured their own lighting products in a laboratory, so … Labs.  Get it?  It’s also why the logo is a light bulb.   

Then, as we morphed into a cell repeater and Public Safety DAS/ERRCS company, we decided to keep the ‘Illuminati’ and the light bulb logo because light bulbs symbolize bright ideas and we try to have a lot of those. Besides, the original Illuminati were an interesting bunch.  

The Illuminati were an Enlightenment-era secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria and its members were some of the most influential and progressive-thinking intellectuals of their time. They believed they could end injustice using reason and intelligent discussion.  The society’s goals were to oppose superstition and religious control over public life, and stop abuses of state power.  State power didn’t care for that of course, and so the Illuminati organization was quickly outlawed and disbanded by 1787.  

Today, many people believe the Illuminati actually survived by going underground and have been controlling things from behind the scenes ever since.  Things like the outcome of elections and Super Bowl games, determining lottery winners, Beyonce’s record sales and much more.  

At the Denver International Airport, rumors abound about the underground tunnels leading to secret meeting facilities for the Illuminati. Apparently, the airport was much more expensive than originally projected but was somehow completed anyway. How?  Theorists point to Illuminati money, which some believe was used to finish DIA’s construction in exchange for the secret society using the property.  DIA has had a lot of fun with these rumors — even embracing them during their massive reconstruction by claiming to be building the Illuminati headquarters!

Don’t believe DIA is home to the Illuminati headquarters?

Look carefully at this video and you’ll spot one of the Illuminati Labs founders!

Yep, that’s Adam!  They blurred his face out of respect for his privacy but WE recognized him instantly!
Notice the unruffled way he takes a talking gargoyle in stride?  That comes from years of enlightened management.