The McKenzie: From No Service to No Worries

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you’re paying the highest rent per square foot in all of Dallas, you expect your apartment to be outfitted with the best of everything — including the best cell phone connectivity. But at the McKenzie luxury apartments, Streetlight Development had done such an exceptional job of creating a LEED certified, super energy-efficient building that they had effectively blocked all possible cell service out. We took readings and literally got the “No Service” message that you normally only see when you’re driving through the desert on your way to bury a body outside of Vegas. Or whatever you do when you’re in the desert outside of Vegas.

We had worked with Streetlight before on both of the Union buildings so they knew our cell repeater systems could deliver the in-building coverage they needed. The McKenzie is still under construction so we started by getting coverage on the main floor, including the amenity areas, parking and most importantly, the leasing offices.

The leasing team has been hard at work trying to get the building full to capacity by the time construction is finished but they can’t do that if they can’t communicate with the outside world. One of their most effective marketing tools is a snazzy McKenzie video that they stream for potential residents and with “No Service” that wasn’t possible.

No worries. Our cell phone repeater system quickly got them up and streaming (and signing upscale leases!) to the delight of the whole staff. As always, we’re happy to help.

I don’t have access to the snazzy video, but here are some snazzy photos of the McKenzie for your viewing pleasure: