Our First International Project Was A Jolly Good Show

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Manchester, England.

Yes, hoops had to be jumped, forms had to be filled, pandemics had to be waited out, a myriad of approvals had to be obtained, then verified and stamped by Her Majesty’s top operatives (we like to think 007 himself was involved), but in the end it was all worth it because Illuminati Labs can now proudly proclaim we are an international force to be reckoned with in the cellular/DAS world.

Obviously, the UK has companies that do what we do but CBRE/Hana insisted on working with us when they discovered their new co-working facility in Manchester had poor cell coverage. They knew from experience that we’d get it done exactly how they wanted.

That’s because Illuminati Labs has been helping CBRE with cell and DAS service in buildings across the USA for several years. Our relationship really blossomed when CBRE created their Hana co-working division. Hana wanted to deliver every possible amenity to every building’s clientele — especially the vital cell phone service, data and text that they demanded. For Hana, every detail had to be top notch (take a look at this Hana facility in Irvine, CA).

The UK site worked out just as brilliantly as the others, but we did have a few surprises along the way. Dozens of tiny idiosyncrasies, things like light switches turning OFF when flipped UP, kept our crew amused and on their toes. Did you know that conduit trays aren’t a universal size? Yep. And get this: if you walk down a hallway with eight doors, each one can open a different way — one may be hinged on the left and open out while the next one may be hinged on the right and open in. Every new door caused a mini-wrestling match and since they had to go through every single door, that was a lot of wrestling.

Even with all the surprises, the system worked beautifully in the end and our team thoroughly enjoyed their time in Manchester – they even talked about retiring there someday!