Co-Working Spaces Boost Success by Boosting Cell Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes

COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives and that is especially true in the commercial office world. Coronavirus has highlighted that in today’s world, the importance of strong cell coverage in office buildings, particularly in coworking spaces, cannot be underestimated. While forced to work from home, millions of people had to switch from using their office land line to using their personal cell phone for work communications and many discovered that they prefer it that way.

As offices reopen and employees return to the workplace, they are sticking with their cell phones as a more flexible option. Being tied to a desk phone is no longer acceptable, especially in co-working and flex spaces where a worker may only be at that desk for a few hours a week.

The pandemic has generated fresh demand for the co-working industry as people seek out more workplace flexibility for themselves. On the corporate side, many companies are now questioning the logic of signing a decade-long lease for an enormous space that may end up underutilized. Why pay for offices to sit empty when you can get the exact amount of space you need on a flexible basis — space that expands and contracts to meet your changing needs.

Hana, the coworking subsidiary wholly owned and operated by commercial real estate giant CBRE, is addressing this new way of working by with thoughtful design and Illuminati Labs is honored to be a part of their vision as their cellular enhancement team. We’ve worked with other co-working facilities in the past but the attention to detail that Hana/CBRE put into their Hana at Park Place property in Irvine, CA, was truly next-level. In addition to the in-house food and beverage, they offer luxurious lounges, 24/7 access, Herman Miller sit-stand desks and chairs, reservable interactive whiteboards, hassle-free video conferencing and wireless screen sharing.

And unlike many coworking or shared office spaces, where making a phone call requires you to wear noise-canceling headphones or hunt down a private space to escape from the noise of other workers, every inch of Hana uses state-of-the-art acoustic design and sound-masking technology to foster wellness and comfort.

Creating the optimum acoustical environment for a phone call was Hana’s first step in making communication easy and available for everyone. The second step was to have Illuminati Labs install a grade-A, exemplary cellular repeater system to bring every carrier’s cellular voice/text/data signal inside and distribute it throughout every work space. By doing this, Hana has ensured that every member can place a reliable call, send and receive texts or stream data – whether they are with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile. Consistent cell signal is vital to communications and is an essential ingredient in Hana’s design success.

As Brad Krauskopf of Hub Australia explained on, “[Coworking spaces] will ultimately only succeed if they deliver a productive, safe and happy workplace experience that people love.”

That is exactly what Hana has created at their Irvine location.