TeleTech’s Employee Retention Booster

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TeleTech in Orlando, FL is an International call center. Like all call centers, employee turnover is incredibly high because it’s a stressful, under-appreciated job. People on the other end of the line may be rude, demanding or hostile but an employee has to remain calm and professional.

When it’s break time, employees want to connect with a friendlier part of the world. They want to talk to friends, check their email and texts, maybe look in on their Ring camera and see if a package they’ve been expecting was delivered. But cell phone service at this office was abysmal and the company was concerned about losing employees to a lack of connectivity.

TeleTech called in Illuminati Labs to solve their in-building connectivity problem. We installed a cell phone repeater system and now every employee gets the same excellent cell phone coverage regardless of which carrier they are with.

The install was a challenge – we had to leave the roof multiple times because of the lighting storm but we managed to install our antenna between bolts of lightning and got TeleTech well-connected to the wireless world!