Inside the Wireless Brain of Shaner Hotel Group’s Fairfield Inn Marriott

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This behind-the-scenes photo of our install at Fairfield Inn in Harrisburg, PA makes it all look so simple, doesn’t it? Just a few cables coming into a little box. But this is the whole building’s cellular “brain” – the thing that makes it possible for guests and staff to have cell phone service wherever they are inside the hotel.

The complicated part is installing all the proper cables and antennas and repeaters and domes throughout the hotel in order to build the perfect nervous system that then ties into that simple-looking brain. That’s the Illuminati Labs’ secret sauce so I won’t be sharing any photos of our extraordinary design but suffice to say, when it comes to these cellular repeater systems, we are the best neurologists in the industry.

Take a look at all the places inside this Fairfield Inn that now have reliable cell phone service