Elizabeth Hotel Gets Rocking Cell Service

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Elizabeth
is the rock star of hotels. From the Magic Rat — a Springsteen-themed live music venue on the ground floor up to the Sunset Lounge — a jazz-themed cocktail bar with a rooftop deck, this sophisticated hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado can now add “powerful cell phone signal” to their list of bragging rights – music to their guests’ ears.

This was another retrofit project, undertaken after the paint and elaborate finishes had been applied to all five floors, so it was a bit more challenging than most. We faced an additional obstacle when we discovered that one provider’s signal had significantly lower strength readings on the rooftop than all of the other providers. Normally, all the cell phone signal providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc) have signal strength within the same general range of each other, but not this time. We found a solution of course, and were able to provide reliable service across every provider on every level of the hotel.

Here’s a short tour of The Elizabeth Hotel – can you spot the cell phone repeater domes?