Denver Business Journal Features Hilton Garden Inn Project

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Even though they don’t talk about us in it, we’re still excited to see one of our projects featured in The Denver Business Journal. If you’d like to read the original article and have a subscription that will allow you to open the page, click here. If you aren’t one of the cool kids who can get into the Biz Journal’s website (I couldn’t either), click here for a pdf version. Or you can just read the rest of this blog because I pretty much quoted the whole thing here. 🙂

The Hilton Garden Inn, or “HGI” to the hipsters, is a 233-room urban boutique hotel at 1999 Chestnut Place. The developer, Focus Property Group, saw a need for an upscale corporate hotel in the growing LoDo/Central Platte Valley area. But, with some 7,000 new hotel rooms having opened in the Denver metro area since the start of 2017, it also needed to stand out with the quirks that mark others.

So, the HGI has a 54-foot-long pool on the third floor beside windows that open to the outside air and allow guests to feel like they’re lounging on a patio pool. It has its own patio too — a 1,700-square-foot area on the second floor that features two fire pits and is open to the public but also can be reserved for private events. [Here would have been a great place to add that the guests will have full cell phone coverage while lounging poolside or fireside thanks to Illuminati Labs’ cell boosting system.]

And adjacent to the 12-floor hotel will be Woodie Fisher, a 180-seat upscale neighborhood bar and restaurant that occupies the 1880s building that housed Denver Hose Company No. 1 and is named after the man who would have been the city’s first fire chief had he not sacrificed his life before he officially started to stop a runaway horse-drawn cart from running over a group of children. Slated for a mid-May opening, the eatery will feature eight local beers on tap and is sprinkled with nods to its past, from the giant red doors at its entrance to a chandelier in the private dining area made up of old fire hoses strewn with lights.

“If you talk to clients, they say this LoDo area is missing that hotel that can offer upscale amenities but at a lower price,” McNamara-Worcester said while offering a tour Monday on the eve of the opening. “We have a really unique hotel. It’s not your typical Hilton Garden Inn.”

Rooms — 112 with king beds, 111 with double queens and 10 junior king suites — will start in the range of $250 to $300 a night. McNamara-Worcester expects they will be filled, at least during the week, with business travelers [busily using their cell phones throughout the property, thanks to Illuminati Labs’ cell phone repeater system] and visiting the corporate offices that make or soon will make up the surrounding area, including DaVita Inc. (NYSE: DVA), VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC) and Slack.

“But HGI will be making a big pitch for group business as well, offering 10,000 square feet of meeting space on its second floor, including a main ballroom with 18-foot-high ceilings and windows that stretch from floor to wall. McNamara-Worcester said a number of event planners have passed over cheaper and smaller space in the hotel for this area, wanting the view and the experience.“This is my ‘Everybody wants this’ room,” she said. [Because they stream live video, make calls and text pics of the event to all their buddies in real time thanks to Illuminati Labs’ cell phone enhancement system].

Sporting an “industrial chic” look of earth tones and wooden floors in the public areas, the hotel also is built for sustainability. It is a linen-free facility to cut down on water usage for laundry, and motion-activated and water-bottle-filling stations line the lobby and third and fourth floors.