A Million Square Feet of Flagler Hospital Now Has Flawless Cell Service Campus-Wide

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Almost a million square feet of hospital buildings sprawled across this beautiful St. Augustine, Florida campus now have flawless cellular service inside and out, thanks to a web of cell phone repeater systems recently installed. Hospitals are notorious for having poor cell service and for years we were all told myths about cell signal interfering with medical equipment. But we know better now.

In a hospital setting, reliable cell phone signal can literally be a lifesaver. That’s because doctors rarely use pagers these days – there’s just no network for a pager to broadcast on anymore. Instead, doctors and caregivers now rely heavily on secure texting apps on their cell phones to be notified of emergencies and communicate with other caregivers. Having clear cell phone signal across the entire Flagler campus allows the doctors and medical staff there to be more responsive to patient needs and better able to share critical care information quickly.

For us, Flagler hospital was a huge undertaking and we are extremely proud of the results and proud of the part we were able to play in providing faster response times and better communication there.

On the personal side, it was a lengthy job and our crew stuck with it; no weekends home. But it wasn’t all work with no play. Since the install team members were missing their families,

Illuminati Labs rounded up the various spouses and kids and brought everyone out to Florida for a morale-boosting visit! St. Augustine is the oldest city in America and has a truly remarkable history along with gorgeous architecture and wonderful white sand beaches. The Illuminati gang did all the corny, touristy stuff like wrestling gators, touring the pirate museum and exploring the Castillo de San Marcos, built in the 1600’s. They also indulged in some pretty amazing food, drinks and nightlife then refreshed themselves with sunrise yoga on the beach. Revitalized by the visit, the team went back to work and got ‘er done like the bosses they are!