Test Drive Your In-Building Cell Signal Booster

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Alara Union Station apartments, the hippest residences at Denver’s hippest locale, were beginning to understand the poor cell signal in the building was an issue. What they didn’t understand was the best solution to their terrible cell signal. Illuminati Labs was confident that we could provide strong signal in that location, having already done the same thing for the hotel next door and several other nearby buildings, but the owners didn’t feel comfortable just taking our word for it. They asked, “Can we try it before we buy it?”

Sure. Why not?

We’d never provided a temporary cellular repeater system before, so our first move was to map out the logistics of setting up a fully functioning in-building system without actually installing it IN the building. That is to say, it was inside the building, but it wasn’t inside the walls and ceilings like a permanent system would be.

We ran our wires on the floor down the hallways, careful to be as unobtrusive as possible to prevent trip hazards for the residents and preempt any accidental damage to the equipment. Then we walked away and left the system there for a week to work its magic.

The residents and staff loved it. After one week of seeing how well the repeater system improved the building’s cell signal, the owners wanted it to be installed permanently.

Solid cell service is important in any apartment building but it was especially important at the Alara Union Station for several reasons. First off, everything at Alara is held to a higher standard – from the extraordinary amenities to the mountain views and the coveted location across from Coors Field. Second, one of those extraordinary amenities is an enhanced Apple business center, which is basically a full-fledged co-working facility on site, and its users demand strong, dependable cell signal throughout their workday.

Illuminati Labs was happy to oblige Alara Union Station with a test drive of our cellular repeater system and we know Alara Union Station is happy with the choice to make it a permanent part of their remarkable property.