Get Wireless Booster Package Tailored for Your Entire Franchise

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If you’re a realtor, a contract closing means an hour or two at the title office watching your clients sign their names over and over while you try to stay connected to the outside world via your cell phone. But what if there’s no cell signal inside the title office you’ve chosen? You could be out of commission for hours at a time, costing you a fortune in lost sales. You would most likely never want to use that title office again, right?

That was the issue that certain Stewart Title locations were experiencing. Realtors were choosing to use other title companies because they couldn’t risk being unreachable for hours on end.

Illuminati Labs brought in a small cell phone signal repeater system, boosted the cell service and realtors once again began choosing Stewart as their title company in Boise. Then we did the same for Stewart’s Allen, TX location. After that, word quickly spread nationwide throughout the organization and we realized that almost every Stewart Title location (there are over 600!) could benefit from this system. So we designed a custom cell phone booster package just for Stewart Title offices. Then we set up a private web-store that allows each location to go online individually and purchase their own cell phone booster package whenever they want. With each custom package we provide detailed instructions and helpful, US-based technical support.

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