Cell Phones Will Be The Center of Your Personal IOT Universe

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’re one of the people who, like me, has been too embarrassed to admit they have no clue what the “Internet of Things” actually means, then you’re gonnaI love this article from Forbes. It’s a simple explanation of IoT and its uses that we can all understand.

I’ll summarize for you by paraphrasing a line from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: the IoT is the fundamental interconnectedness of all wireless things. All the devices that wirelessly talk to you or each other — your smart phone, your fridge, Alexa, your Phillips Hue lights, your freakin toaster, basically anything and everything that has an on/off switch — has the potential to be operated via WiFi and can therefore be apart of the IoT. These device-things can talk to you or to other things or connect you to other humans. All sorts of convenient, helpful and not-at-all creepy tasks can be accomplished by the IoT. For instance, your phone’s calendar to talk to the navigation system in your car so that the map to your next meeting automatically pops up on the screen when you start your journey. Or for your refrigerator to order a new water filter through your Amazon Prime.

All of these connections need a hub – one central place where they can all get together and mingle — and our smart phones are the perfect candidates for that job. A peer reviewed study published by IntechOpen agreed, cell phones are the ultimate IoT device. All that’s needed is WiFi and good cell service.

Now that you understand what the IoT is, maybe you want in on some of that tasty connectivity? Let’s say you are one of the people who wants the alarm clock on your smart phone to notify your toaster to start toasting and your coffee maker to start coffee-ing as soon as it wakes you up. Of course you do. But sadly, the cell service in your high rise apartment building is abysmal. This is where Illuminati Labs’ in-building cellular enhancement systems come in.

Our cellular repeater systems capture ALL of the cell signal (voice/data/text) from ALL of the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) and bring it inside the building where it gets repeated throughout the entire building as needed. That’s right, the whole building, from the penthouse to the car charging stations in the underground parking garage, can have the same excellent cell service as outside the building.

Your smart phone is on its way to playing an even bigger role in your life as the IoT gets bigger and becomes more vital to our connectivity. Do you have the cell signal to sustain it?