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5G is being actively rolled out across the country in a multi-pronged approach. 5G signal exists in lower bands than current 4G signal, aggregated 4G/LTE Bands, and higher bands than 4G signal (Also called C-Band).

The best 5G Cell DAS solutions are those that have a specific attention towards existing AND emerging 5G channels, and architecture that is highly adaptable and modular.

For the 5G channels that exist in higher frequencies than current 4G LTE, we can expect the indoor coverage to be even worse than current cell signal. The current spectrum 4G waves are big and slow and can travel very far, while the higher spectrum 5G frequencies, which are optimized for bandwidth, are easily impacted and blocked by building materials, foliage, and even rain. This is why 4G towers can send signal from miles away but 5G small cells have been planned for streetlight deployments throughout cities.

Low-E glass and other energy efficient materials will continue to block 4G LTE signal, and impact 5G signal even more. In fact, the “greener” your building, the less cell signal will be able to penetrate. This is why, as 5G technology rolls out across the country, having a reliable cellular repeater system to bring the outside signal indoors and distribute it throughout the building will be even more necessary.

With the ongoing rollout of 5G service comes vastly improved data speeds and emerging frequencies that will carry more data in less time. The challenge comes with bringing 5G coverage into the building. Illuminati Labs helps guide teams for how to navigate 5G, when a solution is needed, and how to best take advantage of 5G. 

Why 5G Requires a Cellular DAS Solution Even More Than 4G

Can a cellular repeater system help with 5G in my building?


Preparing for 5G and Future-Proofing Your Property

Despite 5G being in its infancy, building owners and managers are wise to have us install their cellular DAS systems now to be fully prepared for 5G signal. 

Installing a 5G-ready cellular repeater system now will mean saving money, saving time, and not experiencing any issues as 5G comes to maturity throughout the country. Illuminati Labs’ cellular DAS 5G systems are designed to be compatible with either 4G LTE or 5G signal. The systems are built with an intentional focus on the emerging cellular technologies of the next decade+.

Our unique approach to cellular DAS survey, analysis, design and installation is the same for 5G

Comprehensive Site Surveys and Analysis

Illuminati Labs uses state-of-the-art technology, including the industry-leading PCTEL SeeHawk system,  to perform detailed site surveys of our clients’ properties to ensure we understand  the exact RF environment. 

Once we have data on the current cellular weaknesses and strengths of your property, we will benchmark and analyze the heatmaps to determine the best path forward, keeping the process easy and streamlined for you.

Expert Design Consulting

With the  in-depth information determined by our site survey analysis in hand, our team will then provide you with a custom-tailored solution, complete with ROM, goal and budget assessments, estimated time to deploy and high-level design consultation to ensure we meet your needs and property’s goals.  

Our comprehensive approach helps you scale and understand the total scope of your DAS 5G system.

At Illuminati Labs, we prioritize complete and perfect-fit cellular DAS and ERRCS systems that are tailored to your building’s individual needs and the unique expectations of your customers, tenants, residents and staff.

5G In-Building Solutions FAQs

Your current cell service will not be affected; if you have great 4G now, the arrival of 5G will not change that.  Even better, 5G will add drastically improved data speeds –- up to 100 times faster broadband –- plus “smart” networks that can evolve with your growing Internet of Things (IoT) demands. In order to see these benefits, buildings must have proper 4G and 5G service inside the property.

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